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22 Years Later The Mighty Hum Returns With Inlet

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

They're Baaack!!!

I always dig a fun new unexpected album drop and this new HUM record takes the prize with the best yet. HUM, yes that 90's band returns with a new and sonically powerful new release Inlet.

Right out of the gate Inlet grabs ahold of me as if saying, hey you, remember this great guitar tone and spacey vibe you loved so much from the past, hang on buddy cause its back again, with that oh so familiar sound that you loved so much in the past.

Oh my God that guitar tone is so warm throughout this entire record and then there is the mix in general. It is just so rich and massive. Yes I'm excited and have always been a HUM fan but damn this sound is so big!

I'm not going to sit down here and pick a favorite track or pick one apart because honestly I'm likely still in some form of shock from this release and I really wouldn't know where to even begin. I love it all!!

There's just so much awesome. I'm blabbering like an idiot. Why do I do this blog there is so much to say about this record but honestlyI don't feel I'm doing the guys in HUM any justice.

Just trust me, If you want to enjoy a solid record, that has been produced impeccable, and defiantly has that "HUM" sound then Inlet is the one you need to listen to right now.

Like do it, do it now!!!

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