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Baroness - Gold & Grey

Baroness continues to push the rock n roll bar higher with Gold & Grey.

The opening track Front Toward Enemy is a prime example of what Baroness has continued to do over the years. The band continues to pummel  great guitar harmonies and strong vocals right into the listeners ear. This track has that "Baroness" sound that we have all grown to love.

A track that I found very appealing was Tourniquet. Starting with a soft acoustic guitar and mysterious like vocal harmonies I immediately fell in love. A few mins in and as your ear has loosened up to the soft tones Baroness brings the meat and potatoes groove that they do so well. Beautiful harmonies all around make this song one of the strongest on the record.

I 'd Do Anything is a track to bring you back to earth. It just adds yet another great flavor to this already tasty album. Strong vocals lead this song with the smallest amount of guitar and ambient noise completing a beautiful recipe or maybe a breath of air before the next battle begins.

The closing track Pale Sun finishes the album off with yet another reminder of the intense harmonies and feels Baroness can bring to the listener. Put this album in and take a journey with them, you will enjoy the trip.

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