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Dead Friends - High, Wasted Genes

Dead Friends - High, Wasted Genes EP is an absolute must have for the fans of chaotic yet groovy riffs perfect for moshing and pure rock anthems to rip your voice off while singing along.

Perfectly balanced songwriting combines aggressive energy of "everytimeidieish" southern metal and some sweet and tender stuff that you can hear on some of Glassjaw or Foo Fighters songs.

The relentless energy of Dead Friends music and its fast to change mood dynamics induces the listener to violently hit something with a hammer and seconds later caress a cat.

Despite these influences from bigger acts that are absolutely very easy to hear on this EP and Dead Friends’s youthfulness as a band they DO NOT sound like a lifeless sum of their inspirers.

Even digging deep in their discography you won’t find any cheesy stuff. On the contrary past releases even add some more color to overall sound canvas of this band. Great mix and overall production deliver pure joy of strong vocals and tasty chunky riffs.

Beautiful in its fickleness High, Wasted Genes is a true emotional rollercoaster.

Author - Dmitriy Churilov

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