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Deftones - Return with the anticipated new release Ohms

I was approaching the release of the new Deftones album with some hesitancy but can now say after numerous listens and years since a previous album Deftones have meet my expectations. Overall I would rate Ohms as a 8 out of 10.

The album brings some synth vibes which I truly enjoy with the already known edginess of the Deftones we know and love. The first track Genesis shines in my opinion bringing the vibes of old and new together in a wonderful spectacle of modern thick and heavy rock. Vocal's durning this opening track bring me back to the bands debut release while also pulling me forward to the bands evolution.

Ohms - Track Listing

1. Genesis

2. Ceremony

3. Urantia

4. Errorr

5. The Spell of Mathematics

6. Pompeji

7. This Link Is Dead

8. Radiant City

9. Headless

10. Ohms

The album is full of ups and downs, thick riffs and melodic tones. It's a good addition to the Deftones musical catalog and has a lot of the key components Deftones fans crave.

Most fans of the band will find this record to be quite satisfying and not a miss. At first listen Ohms didn't grab me as I had hoped it would but over more listens it has pacified my Deftones cravings for now and I do find it to be an enjoyable record experience.


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