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Human Impact - Human Impact

Human Impact's raw post-industrial sound has very much grabbed my interest.

I caught wind of this album coming out on Ipecac Records a little while ago and it definitely seemed to be getting quite a bit of hype prior to release. I decided to give it a listen and at first I felt the album was just alright. I gave it another listen or two and honestly it really began to grow on me. I started to hear new textures and grooves that I missed prior. It turns out this album is pretty damn good.

All the songs on Human Impact seem to flow very well together and one that caught my attention right away was E605, and not really because it was over complicated but mainly because of its simplicity and how it just felt right. This track has a rolling bass start and a very basic dark vocal but the hook catches me. It has some intense builds and seems to flow really well. It's haunting, dark, and edgy, all things I enjoy. This is a very straightforward song with no big surprises but it works very well.

Further along the Human Impact album a song titled Cause comes on.  First, there is this haunting looping sample which I find pretty damn cool. Then a gritty, dirty bass line begins to take your attention. Guitar and drums come in not too long after that and then Cause gets gross and nasty in a very good way. I will say this is my favorite track from the album. I hear a lot of great influences in this song but it's still Human Impact's work that makes this a great song.

Another great song from Human Impact is Consequences. I really hear a 90's vibe out of this track. This is yet another good example of the very gritty, dirty, post-industrial sound Human Impact is very good at creating. 

Give them a listen, see if they grab you right away and grow on you like they did me.

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