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Metz - Automat

Updated: May 20, 2020

Without a doubt, Metz has made me a Canadian post-punk fan with their album Automat.

There are so many really great things about Automat, it's hard to know where to start. This is one of those albums that every time you sit down and give it a listen,  you find something new. It's the ever morphing,  post-punk, noise masterpiece on my shelf right now.

The title track Automat gives hints of 1970's club punk, 60's psychedelic, and 90's Seattle sounds. It's a weird and extremely enjoyable jam. No frills, no fancy shit, just straight forward post-punk noise. Fitting I guess that this is a Sub Pop release.

On the song Wet Blanket, Metz will get you moving. There are so many great hints to up beat punk past, this one is head bobbing, slam banger. A theme that shows itself throughout the whole album.

Metz was able to play some tour dates with the band Refused this last year and on their track Dirty Shirt you can hear hints of that Refused like Swedish punk style but in a more dirty, more modern punk way. It's a solid track.

My "go to" track on this album is Pure Auto. This song  just bangs with a great riff, rolling bass, and up beat drums. It gives me some hints of old Snapcase,  but this is one song I would love to witness them perform live.

Take a little break out of your day and give  Automat a listen. I think you will find it refreshing for a post-punk album and a very interesting listen.

Author - PJ

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