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Moon Tooth - Crux

Updated: May 20, 2020

This Long Island, New York band is interested in dragons, but you will defiantly be interested in them after hearing what they do on the album Crux.

This album delivers a lot of everything good. Great musicianship, catchy hooks, awesome breakdowns, intense prog feels but not that unlistenable overboard prog that some ears can't handle. The first track to catch my ear from Crux was the song Omega Days. This song delivers some amazing everything. Strong as hell vocals, odd times, cool breakdowns, and it gave me a sorta Dillinger Escape Plan feel and thats never a bad thing.

Through Ash, the third track from the record starts with a little less prog but definitely grooving fell. Its a nice more "chill" vibe that gets this song rolling and keeps it going. Well written, mixed, and produced this just flows.

I'm still finding cool new things with this album, hints of 80's rock/metal, rad transitions, a little this and a little that. When you can listen to an album and keep finding new things each time, you know you have something special and worth a listen. The whole album just fits well together.

Author - PJ

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