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O'Brother - You and I

This fourth full length release You and I, from the Atlanta band O'Brother, veers a bit from their past releases but leaves you still with great energy and a great sense of peace.

Wow, so this intro title track You and I  truly sets the stage of what's to come next with familiar warm vocals, beautiful piano, and background textures. O'Brother, who I have always known for their epic progressions and gorgeous vocals continues to impress me. The intro just flows right into the song Soma, which again takes me flying around in a spacey, sexy, beautiful music composition. This needs to be in an epic scene of some movie.

Locus, the fifth track  from this new O'Brother release is my current fav. The opening bass and simple yet slightly distorted drums take a slow very dynamic journey to what becomes a triumphant raw explosion of vocal emotion, sexy harmony, dirty bass, and full bodied drums. This is yet another song like most from this record that should end up in a movie soundtrack.

O'Brother gives hints to their bands past self with the track Black Tide a dirty, little more uptempo mover with subtle hints of a more aggressive past.

You and I is a great record, definitely worth sitting down and getting lost in almost a sedative state with. It's one of those albums where you find new textures and sounds the more you listen. O'Brother has created yet another beautiful sonic masterpiece.


Track Listing

  1. You and I (Intro)

  2. Soma

  3. Halogen Eye

  4. Slipping

  5. Locus

  6. Only Other

  7. Killing Spree

  8. Black Tide

  9. What We've Lost

  10. Spill on the Carpet

  11. Leave Me Out

  12. You and I (Outro)

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