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Open Hand - Honey

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hard to believe this, but I guess it is true, Open Hands album Honey has been out 10 years!

I have so much love for this record, how it just goes this way and that way, taking you, pulling you, and it doesn't care where it goes and what anyone else thinks about that. Simply put, this album is pure rock sass or maybe the "honey badger" of rock.

The 10th anniversary edition starts with a banger of a song The Hand. If you like wicked drums and ripping guitar on top of killer vocal harmonies then this song is right up your ally.

This album features work from Matt Talbot, who most of you will know from the one and only band Hum. This musical combination of power is absolutely gorgeous. You hear his killer presence on the title track of the album. Honestly, if you have never heard Open Hand but dig some Hum give this third song a listen and tell me you don't fall in love with it immediately.

The fourth track, Old Hat, starts with a jazzy syncopated vocal groove and gets you intrigued immediately. Add some cool keys after that and then the dirty guitar starts hang on cause it's about to turn into a banger of a groove. You will have fun with this song and have honest urges to dance or shake your ass. No joke, it's a unique cool rock tune and if you don't notice yourself having this type of vibe after hearing this track you likely hate your life and need to speak to some mental health professional soon. 

My other favorite off the album Honey is the track So Far. To me, this track sums up the band Open Hand. You have a really, really good guitar hook consistently. You have totally amazing vocal harmonies, ranges, and parts consistently. On top of all that awesome, you have pounding drums and a song that just keeps you engaged for the entirety. What more would you want?

I could seriously talk about this album for hours and hours but do yourself a favor and give this honey badger a chance if you haven't already.  You won't be disappointed and you will likely wonder the same thing as me. How the hell have these guys not been talked about more?

Track Listing

1.The Hand

2. Cool

3. Honey

4. Old Hat

5. Bre

6. So Far

7. Cartwright Kid

8. Son of a Gun

9. Midnight Sun

10. Herons

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