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Royal Blood - Typhoons Brings the "Hooks"

The English rock duo Royal Blood return with their third studio album titled 'Typhoons.'

First thing noticed on 'Typhoons' is Royal Blood continues to compose some really catchy riffs, a is filled with hooks galore to keep you the listener engaged. The album as a whole seems a bit more "dance orientated," which honestly doesn't bother me as the listener. They still showcase that dirty fuzzy bass that has really helped define who they are. The grooves as a whole are straight forward and not super fancy but the hooks grab the listener.

Favorite track on 'Typhoons' for me would be 'Boilermaker.' The pounding drums with dirt bass and then that very staccato groove really gets the head bobbin. Also, the song has a really rad bridge that gives some really nice ear candy with swishing sounds bouncing back and forth between the ears. Very well written and catchy as hell really makes it hard to dislike anything about it.

Fans of Queens of the Stone Age and Death from Above 1979 will totally dig this album. Also, vinyl collectors will drool. Theses guys put out a great double gatefold package with great art, color vinyl, plus an additional 7" record in the package. Totally worth the purchase!

My verdict on the album 'Typhoons' is 8.5/10.

You can listen to Royal Blood - Typhoons on Spotify at:

Also check out this killer music video for 'Boilermaker.'


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