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Russian Circles - Blood Year

Russian Circles delivers yet another epic post rock instramental gem in Blood Year.

I have been a Russian Circles fan since the 2008 classic Station. Since then, I felt some of their releases delivered and some, well not so much. The good news, I think Blood Year delivers the goods that I have known and love from these guys.

The opening track Hunter Moon sets the stage for what will be a great front to back listening experience. The melodic tones of the guitar and perfect amount of reverb make you want to just settle in and enjoy the journey yet to come.

Arluck the second track on Blood Year is where I believe the real fun begins. Pounding drums, a great bass line, and blaring double picking guitar that just builds and builds. Really beautiful and very powerful. This is the Russian Circles I love so much. How they can just take a phrase or riff and break it down this way, that way and then just pound it out in straight into your face. God damn, its so good!

The song Kohokia, gives me the old Russian Circles vibes but also reminds me a lot of the band Isis and that is not a bad thing at all. Isis was one of my old "go to" bands before they went away into the sunset.

My absolute favorite song on Blood Year is the track Sinaia. I really fell in love with this song after I saw a live version of it played on Audiotree. Click the link below and take a gander, I think you will enjoy this as much as I did.

The final track Quartered helps to end Blood Year off on yet another high note. Give this album a spin and let me know what you thought.

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