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Slow Crush - Reel

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Ambience and Rock shine in this two song release from Slow Crush.

It's only two songs but it's two songs that with a listen you will under stand what Slow Crush does extremely well.

Reel, the first track and title track on the record Reel is a dreamy and very enjoyable listen. Warm tones surround your ears and the guitars and ambient vocals take the helm in some sort of cosmic journey. You get lost with this song. It just flows and gives such a smooth vibe. Good musicianship and good mixing/mastering makes for a great opening to this new release.

Track two is Pale Skin. Cool tom patterns on the drums, airy guitar, and ambient spacey vocals starts this monster off. A little ways in, prepare for take off as the guitar intensity increases and then drops right out. It's a back and forth roller coaster ride in a great shoegaze or dream pop style. Well done!

Author - PJ

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