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Spotlights - The Repress of Tidals

The announced repress of the 2016 album Tidals from one of our favorite 3 piece bands Spotlights grabbed our attention quickly and luckily for us we were able to take a few moments to ask a few questions regarding the previous release and plans for the band in the future.

Mario Quintero (Guitar/Vocals - Spotlights) kindly answers our questions below.

OMB - Tidals was originally released in May 2016. Can you describe the writing process for the record and has that process changed for Spotlights since?

Mario - The way TIDALS was written was basically the way we’ve written all our re it’s since but we didn’t know that it would be that record. I wrote and made demos about ten songs with Sarah giving me input as I went. We didn’t really know what we were doing with those songs at the time so there wasn’t much of a cohesive idea for an album. Once we decided to go with Crowquill for a release we then picked the songs that would end up on there and recorded them. We recorded drums and guitars/bass in our practice space and vocals at home. For Walls and Joseph we did guitars and bass with our friend Jason Finkel at rubber tracks Brooklyn.

OMB - Do you feel the band has evolved musically since the release of Tidals, and if so can you give some examples as to how?

Mario - In some ways, definitely. I feel like the albums have become more cohesive over time. But then again we’ve really never gone into any album with a complex vision. They always just kind of develop on their own. I guess just being a band for a few years and touring a ton will inevitably bring a natural evolution to the music.

OMB - Looking back at the Tidals release what was the most difficult thing about the record?

Mario - Probably recording vocals using my earbuds “phone” mic to record vocals while sitting in my office (Barnard College) at work. Though it sounded good! I did most of my vocals for that album like that. Doing vocals is always the hardest thing..

OMB - Do you look back at Tidals now and get the same feelings and emotions you had back in 2016 when it was first released?

Mario - After a few beers. Hell yes!

OMB - Covid-19 has definitely effected touring artists. Can you describe some of the impacts it has had on Spotlights and how your dealing with it?

Mario - We had actually been looking to take a break from making records for a while so in some ways it’s been a welcomed break. The biggest impact for is is the uncertainties of the future. Being that we work in music venues and fire other bands while we’re not touring, it’s made it impossible for those jobs to keep going now too. Luckily we’re very used to not making all/any of our money from music so we re good adapting.

OMB - Many have enjoyed the “Covid covers” Spotlights have done. Are more in the works and which one are you the most proud of?

Mario - I’m really proud of all of them. But I’d say the Radiohead one is still my fave. They kinda came out of nowhere! But for now we aren’t planning any new ones. I have a bunch of half started ideas for others that will eventually make it out, though.

OMB- Has Spotlights been writing or recording any new original material for an upcoming release? If so can you give any info?

Mario - No.. haha

OMB - What are your thoughts on streaming live performances compared to physical concerts?

Mario - I think it’s cool. It’ll never replace live music but for now it’s as close as we can get I suppose. Bummer for us is not having Chris around to do that.

OMB - Anything unique stories from being quarantined?

Mario - Nothing of note. Apparently now I do flooring for a living..haha

OMB - What have you both been listening to over the last few months?

Mario - Man, we are the worst people to be asked this question. I honestly don’t even know. I’ve been listening to a lot more jazz. Alice Coltrane, Matthew Halsal, sonny Rollins, etc. Otherwise just a mix of the same shit we’ve listened to for the last 25 years. The is this great country/singer songwriter that my sister in law turned me on to called H.C. McEntire who I really like now. Good camp fire music.

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Paul Jensen

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