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Texas power trio Daddy Longhead returns with new album 'Twinkle'

JD Pinkus, Jimbo Yongue, and drummer Frank Garymartin return with the mighty 'Twinkle.' The album officially releases on May 28th 2021 and will be available for digital download, Compact Disk, and Vinyl Record.

All the songs but the title track 'Twinkle' were recorded at Plastic Cannon Studios in Texas. 'Twinkle' the final track from the record was recorded at a previoOMB live performance.

The album opens up with a ripping good song titled 'Plano.' A nice dirty bass tone, whaling guitar, pounded drums, and some killer vocals and harmonies really gets things rolling and gives a hint to what the listener can expect for the rest of the record.

It's hard for me to truly hard to say what song really sticks out or showcases the best bang for the record because the whole thing is absolutely solid. The album is full of amazing musicianship and straight forward great rock tunes. Listeners of great rock n roll will not be disappointed.


Daddy Longhead - Twinkle

Rating = 9 out of 10

Daddy Longhead - Twinkle is available for sale at their bandcamp site

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