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Torche - Admission

Torche Admission is yet another album from this fearsome foursome you do not want to pass up.

I have to say this first. If you haven't already seen Torche perform live, go do so now! I was lucky enough

to catch them recently and hearing songs from Admission played live right in front of me was absolutely fantastic and well beyond my expectations.

The opening track titled From Here begins with a double picking ripper of a guitar lick which immediately grabs you in for a giant bear hug. This loving lasts a little under two minutes but you will continue to feel the love on the following tracks.

One of my favorite tracks from Admission is titled Slide. To me the song just breathes, with the grinding guitars, Helmet like drum rhythms, and mixed with the oh so good Torche vocal harmonies all I can feel is hell yes this is what rock is supposed to be all about.

The title track Admission is yet another one of those songs that you can easily get lost in. I would call it my "driving" song from this album. I picture people putting this track on and going for a cruise down the highway with the top off. Enjoy life, enjoy this track, go fast, enjoy the ride.

The final track, titled Changes Come has to be my Summer of 2019 anthem. Great guitar flow in typical Torche fashion mixed again with great vocals takes you away.

Have fun with this record because there are so many good times on it from front to back.

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