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Spotlights - We Are All Atomic

Updated: May 20, 2020

Spotlights latest EP We Are All Atomic is an artistic and beautiful four part journey for the modern aggressive rock music listener.

Track Titles

1. Part I

2. Part II

3. Part III

4. Part IV

Part I - The song starts with a very dreamy, dark, and definitely haunting vibe. Very typical of the Spotlights I have known to love. With very minimal drums, soft tones, and tightly buried vocals the explosion of the full bands entrance that happens a little over the 4:30 mark sounds absolutely massive.  This song then keeps intensity with haunting feedback and spacey tones taking you to the albums next chapter.

Part II - Beautifully dirty bass tone, screaming guitars, and heavy distorted drums starts this killer track off. Definitely my second favorite off the EP. Great vocal mix and solid heavy hooks keep you engaged. This track gives me vibes of older Spotlights - Love & Decay, and Tidals both I very much appreciate. 

Part III - Yet more haunting guitar tone, trippy and is more of what I believe to be a stepping stone or possibly intro to what is to come in Part IV.

Part IV - Hands down my favorite track off We Are All Atomic. It has everything I have found enjoyable since stumbling upon Spotlights. Thick and heavy bass tones, pounding drums, beautiful yet aggressive guitar riffs. Imagine if the bands Hum and the Melvins had a little guitar player baby and then named him Mario, this would be his track the baby would write. Seriously, the best thing on Part IV is the slow break that carries the song out into the sunset. Slow, grinding, and perfectly simple. Yet another great ending to a yet another cool Spotlights EP.

Author - PJ

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